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Tips to buy and sell products in Classynext safely

Classynext let you post ads to sell everything from furniture to clothing to cars to apartments. The new Classynext allows you to sell to everyone (those within a radius near where you are) instead of limiting yourself to your group of friends, for example.

17. Jun 2020
Tips to buy and sell products in Classynext safely

Classynext is a classified ad platform and not a mediator, and transaction details (including price, shipping, and other logistics data) are left between the seller and the buyer. Classynext does not take a commission from the winnings. That is a great advantage.

If you want to sell your sofa or your baby's clothes that no longer fit, these are some tips to get the most out of this platform.

Classynext is based on a stream of photos of items that are for sale, so the first photo you upload should be attractive, or at least well-focused and illuminated. Your photos don't have to be professional (you're not selling a new product), but it pays to take a little time to get good photos. Here are some tips.

Strive to take brilliant photos

  • Minimizes clutter in the photo background.
  • If there is no good lighting where you live, go outside and use natural light.
  • Clean the items you want to sell before photographing them; clean fingerprints from screens and other electronic items.
  • Try to frame the entire article in the main photo (the other images may be detailed photos).
  • Capture at least three (or more) photos from different angles (Classynext allows you to add up to 10 photos per ad).
  • Use photos that you have taken and not images that you have searched on the Internet for the same product. People want to see what the actual item looks like.

Set a rather high price and get ready to negotiate

You want to get the most for your items, but you don't want to scare people away with exorbitant prices. To get an average price figure for your items, take a look at the ads for the same product on the Internet, to get an idea of the starting price of an item.

Therefore, the price of your item should be at the high end of the range, but you have to be open to negotiations. No one will pay you more than the advertised price, but many will want to try negotiating through Classynext's “Make an offer” button (or through a private message).

Post an ad for each item separately

Perhaps you have many things that you want to sell and to do it quickly you will try to combine all these items in one ad. But, if you spend a few more minutes, you will realize that each article must go in a certain category and different from the others. Because Classynext is primarily photo-based, you have to grab buyers' attention with a single photo (buyers won't want to swipe and view 10 photos to see if you have the things they are looking for). All your ads are associated with your user account, so you can mention that you have a moving sale and interested buyers will search your profile for your other ads.

Make the sale

Once you've published your item and found a potential buyer, it's time to make the sale. Classynext allows you to connect with the buyer through various channels, direct messages, online chat if you are both online or WhatsApp, and you must use this means to clarify all the details (the condition of the product, the price, the transfer of the item, etc.).


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