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What options exist to promote my ad?

There are several options to promote an ad and make it more attractive

22. Feb 2020
What options exist to promote my ad?

The main options to promote the ad are: renew, make premium, highlight and auto-renew


How can I renew my ad?

The higher your ad appears in user searches, the more likely it is that buyers will be interested in it. That's why it's important that you renew your ad often. Furthermore, it will not expire and will always be visible.

You can upload it to the top positions for free once a day. This will help you speed up the sale. If you want to renew it again on the same day you would have to pay the corresponding fee.

To renew your ad you have to get in the ad and select the option “Renew”


How can I make my ad Premium?

If you want to give your ad an extra boost and sell faster, we recommend you try our “Mark as Premium” service.

Your ad will be displayed in the best locations on the homepage or search page and will be displayed above new or recently renewed ads and will differ from the rest with a “Premium” tag.


How to highlight my ad?

For both premium and non-premium ads, Classynext puts the "Highlight" option at the service of all its users, with which the ad will become more visible when it stands out from the rest with a more striking color background and different from usual white.

To do this, you must enter your ad and in the promotion options check the "Highlight" box. You must choose the time you want this ad to be highlighted.


How do I renew my ad?

The auto-renew option allows you to automatically schedule the renewal of your ads at certain time intervals. So that the user does not have to be continuously getting into the Classynext page to perform the renewal.

To do this, we must enter the ad and check the "Auto-Renew" box, choose a specific time and then how many times it will be renewed in that time.



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