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Tips for taking photos to help a seller faster your home

Selling or renting a home has never been an easy task. It is not a quick sale. However, if you publish your house on the Classynext website and follow these tips when taking photos, you will have an impulse to achieve your goal.

Real Estate
19. Apr 2020
Tips for taking photos to help a seller faster your home

Whoever says that the first impression is not important is lying. Therefore, it is very important to take care of all the details when taking photos to publish them in your ad in the Real Estate category. Sometimes these photos are commissioned by real estate agencies from photography professionals but if you have already ruled out that option we recommend you follow the following steps to help you improve the photos you take.


Preparation of the property

The first thing we must do is to condition the home to look great in the photos for it:

1. Natural lighting: Lift all the blinds in the house so that natural light enters and if necessary also turn on the lights. A dark photo sells poorly. You can also photograph the views if they are a strong point of the house.

2. Sort all objects: Collect all your personal belongings and leave the environment as aseptic as possible. Let there be nothing in between.

3. The details add up: once you have collected all your objects you can decorate the house with depersonalized objects such as a plant, some well placed towels in the bathroom, or prepare the table with plates and glasses in the dining room.

Tips for real estate photos

4. Do not photograph your pet: Even if you have a cute cat, not everyone is a fan of pets, so we recommend that you do not appear in the photos.

5. Use an order when showing your house in the advertisement: First it begins with the living room, the dining room, the entrance, continues with the kitchen, the bedrooms and finally the bathroom. You can also photograph the common areas and finally if the neighborhood is another strong point put a photo of it.

6. Use the horizontal format: Even if you are taking your photos with your mobile, never take vertical but horizontal photos.

7. Frame the photos well: Try not to blur the photos out of focus, which makes them look blurry. Always frame part of the ceiling and part of the floor in the same photo.

8. The corner, your great friend: The corners of the rooms are your great allies to take beautiful pictures and be able to capture the entire room.

9. Do not photograph them in front of the mirrors to avoid taking photos

10. Upload the photos to the Classynext app: It is very fast and easy. From the mobile it is the best option to be able to show your house to future buyers.


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